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About Me

From a young age I was exposed to a large variety of cuisines and rich culinary heritage, in my many voyages and in my family's cooking tradition.

Between 1999-2004 I’ve lived in Paris, where I was experiencing all kinds of jobs in the culinary field, from the
business, service, hosting and sales aspects.

When I wasn’t working, I was visiting small manufacturers, farmers’ markets and food exhibitions, all that for one goal: developing my knowledge and my taste buds. Eventually I’ve become skilled enough to guide Israeli chefs who arrived on culinary tours all around France. I also started writing for the Israeli foodmagazine “Al Hashulchan”.

In those days Rafi Cohen became the Chef of “La Regence” at the “King David” hotel in Jerusalem and he started to join my food and restaurants tours in France quite often, for inspiration.

In a nutshell


What else?

2000-2009 Rephael Restaurant 

As the general manager of the restaurant I was conducting a staff of 100 employees and had responsibilities over all the aspects of maintaining the leading restaurant at the top. 

On the front: I strove for implementing hosting and service skills by ongoing training courses and I established effective working relations between the service workers on the floor and the kitchen staff. I saw high importance in maintaining good relations with our thousands of customers, and many of them became regulars over the years. 

On the back: I balanced and managed the work with the hundreds of suppliers that worked on a regular basis with the restaurant. 

2009-2012  Authority Israel Nature and Park Authority

As the head of the general manager’s office, I was in charge of the public inquiries, culture committees, special sessions at the Knesset and interfaces with governmental bureaus.

2012-2016 Entrepreneur

After establishing “Pastel” restaurant, which won the “most beautiful restaurant” award in an international contest in China, I have established “Lille Boulangerie” - a chain of bakery delies. 


Throughout all these years I was engaging in the various sides of the culinary world. I specialized and  professionalized in training the working staff as well as the managers and also in all kinds of culinary productions, both local and international. That became my main occupation today. 

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