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All the culinary services I can provide for you,
for your family, or of your company

Culinary Tours 

I am a culinary tourism entrepreneur, a world wide rising field.  People wish to discover parts of the local culture by touring the markets, meeting small manufacturers,getting to know unique cooks,meeting the chefs while dining in restaurants, tasting local rawmaterials like cheese and wine and doing that on a mountainside, a holy place or an urbanic scenery. I am here to find the perfect match between the people’s wishes and the right content for their tour.

Culinary Productions

I create international collaborations:I bring chefs from all over the world to local events and local chefs to international food festivals,I mediate in import and export deals and more.

Customized Culinary Tours Overseas

Culinary tourism and foodexperience overseas:I create special tours for companies and private customers. I guide these tours around Europe in cities, small villages and in nature: visiting special restaurants, from street food to Michelin restaurants. I make every culinary dream you can think of - come true. 

Counselling and Training

Throughout the years of being the manager and co-owner of some of the finest restaurants and delicatessen-bakeries chain (Raphael, Pastel, Lille Boulangerie), I have collected meaningful connections and extensive experience that allows me to offer you the most profound counselling. You may use my services in a variety of platforms: from concept characterization and selection of suitable chefs, through managers’ mentoring and staff training, to total founding and establishing, from A to Z


Lecturing in a variety of subjects such as culinary and multi culture, origins of food and more.The lectures take place in private events, festivals and otheroccasions. I host ceremonies, panels and competitions.I write Journalistic articles for “Haaretz” from time to time and teach in academic institutions,such as “Shenkar”.

Creating Culinary Content

I specialize in creating content, producing and leading formal andprofessional delegations from theculinary world: International chefs, bloggers, journalists, foreigntelevision crews and commercial companies. 

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