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דוד קישקה - על השולחן

Channel 13 News, following an article that was published on male carnivores and vegan feminism

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Culinary Tour in China Town
of Paris.

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What will we eat in the future?

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Michelin Low Coast Restaurants

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Culinary Taxi Tour

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International Writers Festival


Holidays 2020: Why Israel should be on the must visit list this year for every foodie

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“Paula and Lion” talk show,talking about what to eat before going on a date


The Michelin Guide makes history in France. What does it really mean?



When I was a guest at Kobi Oz's radio show.
Starting at 24:20


Bourdieu, London, Kirschenbaum and I on the story of the butter.


Israeli chefs and foodies eulogize Joel Robushon

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